‘Ancient & Modern’

Gaenor Circus

21st March 2018

WORKSHOP - ‘Rites of Spring’

Jean Schofield

18th April 2018

‘The Link is Green’

Robin White

16th May 2018

WORKSHOP - ‘Trug & Supermarket Bunch’

Lead by the Committee

20th June 2018

‘Tutti Fruiti’

Gill Smaggasgale

18th July 2018

Garden Visit


15th August 2018

WORKSHOP - ‘Vanguard’

Iris Shaw

19th September 2018

OPEN EVENING - Let's Party

Trisha Bashford

17th October 2018

‘Country Christmas’

Mig Kimpton

21st November 2018

Club Christmas Celebration


19th December 2018

‘Life in France’

Iris Shaw

16th January 2019



20th February 2019